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Experience a radical boost in brain performance in just 15 minutes a day

In just 15 – 20 easy minutes a day, you’ll be guided through Superbrain’s signature tools and training for transforming your memory and cognitive ability. This 30-day online program is hosted by the World’s #1 Celebrity Memory Coach – Jim Kwik.


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This program is for you if :

  • You want to learn anything faster and remember more
  • You want to enhance your brain longevity
  • You want to improve your focus & decision-making ability
  • You want to gain a competitive edge in your industry
You’ll grow in these areas:

How Mindvalley works

15 mins a day

Our programs are designed to fit easily into your daily routine, with just 15-20 minutes a day needed to feel and see remarkable growth.

500% better completion rates

Our programs deliver real results, with completion rates 500% higher than traditional courses.

Real classes with real people

Join a supportive community of peers to discuss, collaborate, and grow together

Program curriculum

The program is designed to be both easy to follow, and instantly transformational. As you progress through the days, you’ll quickly notice tangible changes in your memory and mind power – and the people around you likely will too.

By the end of the program, your ‘Superbrain’ will be permanently installed into you: allowing you to access your newfound inner gifts whenever and wherever you need them.

Part 1

Welcome to the fundamentals

You’ll begin your journey by understanding the true definition of learning and memory, and what it takes to build new learning pathways.

  • The 10 little-known factors that influence how strong or weak your memory is
  • The easy way to memorize any chunk of information, and never forget it
  • Jim Kwik’s personal story, and what his hardships taught him about the human brain
  • And much more

Part 2


You’ll learn powerful techniques that set you apart as a memory expert. You’ll notice changes in the way you work and interact with others.

  • Discover the physiological elements of memory including food, movement, and sleep
  • How to remove negative thinking from your mind
  • The surprising connection between sleep, stress, and memory
  • And much more

Part 3

Remembering long lists

Long lists can seem impossible to remember – until you discover the simple ‘party trick’ to memorizing any list, no matter its length or content.

  • The single most powerful memory strategy known to man (and how to apply it instantly)
  • The ‘Chain Linking’ method for rapidly absorbing large amounts of information
  • How mainstream education is crushing our memories – and how to break free from the sabotage of the ‘old’ ways
  • And much more

Part 4

Remembering names

Go from the embarrassment of forgetting names, to the respect and admiration you get from remembering everyone’s name perfectly – even if you just met them once.

  • How to remember any name, the first time you hear it
  • The FDR technique for boosting your memory (and your confidence)
  • How to reinforce your memory by putting these techniques in your body
  • And much more

Part 5

Vocabulary & Languages

Expanding your vocabulary and learning new languages are two skills that will pay you incredible dividends for life. Here’s how to gain them with a tiny fraction of the effort.

  • Jim’s ultimate tip for learning any language (even the hard ones)
  • The keyword substitution method that accelerates your new language mastery
  • The most important step to expanding your vocabulary (it’s not reading a dictionary)
  • And much more

Part 6

Memorizing Speeches and Texts

Delivering a speech from the heart instead of a piece of paper makes all the difference – and allows you to impress, persuade, and inspire a room full of people all at once.

  • The no. 1 preparation tip before you even think about your speech
  • How to memorize speeches word for word – you’ll be stunned by how easy it is
  • The 3-step process to never forgetting your key points
  • And much more

Part 7


Some people are scared of numbers. You won’t be, when you learn how to remember and recall even the longest string of digits.

  • The world’s easiest system for remembering numbers
  • The key difference between remembering numbers and words
  • The ‘Sounds of Memory’ technique for recalling numbers
  • And much more

Part 8

Lifestyle Integration

In this final step, you’ll learn how to tie everything you’ve learned into one set of harmonious skills that you’ll use every day of your life to be the best version of yourself.

  • Taking it outside the lines – an implementation day to integrate your learning.
  • The five levels of transformation
  • Five Levels of learning (all of them will be new to you)
  • And so much more…

Student results

"Get his course. It will change your life in ways you cannot imagine."

“Jim’s training is incredible. I read faster because of Jim. I have a better memory because of him. LOVE his stuff. Get his course. It will change your life in ways you cannot imagine.”
Brendon Burchard
New York Times Bestselling Author
United States
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Achieve your full potential with these powerful bonuses

Accelerate your productivity with Overcoming Procrastination
(worth $49)
Learn how to smash procrastination instantly by rewiring your brain in just five steps. Overcoming Procastination is an action-oriented instant productivity tool designed by Jim Kwik.
Activate multi-sensory learning with Your 8 Cs To Muscle Memory
(worth $79)
Learn how to use your body to absorb information faster and achieve more with less effort. Your 8 Cs To Muscle Memory is an easy-to-follow framework for you to add to your brain training regimen.
Harness your creativity in Remembering Your Dreams
(worth $79)
Discover the valuable insights your dreams hold by following these six steps when you wake up every morning. Remembering Your Dreams is a quick guide to harnessing your creativity by decoding your dreams.
2x your reading speed with Speed Reading
(worth $99)
Discover science-backed speed reading hacks, taught by Jim Kwik to celebrities like Elon Musk and Will Smith, to absorb, retain, and recall more information. Speed reading is the ultimate guide from Jim Kwik on how to read faster without sacrificing comprehension

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