A Startup Trading Company Takes the World by Storm with Its Upcoming Social Trading Platform

Stock Trader Class prides itself on being a social trading platform that aims to make stocks and `options trading accessible to everyone. Traders of all levels of experience can profit from gaining experience in day trading, and trade using their investment account to generate lucrative trades and a second source of income because of its sophisticated but simple-to-use interface and strategy bots.

You may quickly learn and trade intelligently with a strategy that shows you how and when to purchase and sell once you enroll in a strategy class.

StockTrader Class is developing a social trading platform where they’ll implement the use of strategy trading bots to make the process of trading easier and simpler. This provides an opportunity to take your trading to the next level with more precise risk management.

Automated trading: Two sides of the same coin

Automated trading platforms allow traders to optimize their earning potential without having to constantly check their positions in the 24/7 ever-changing stock market.

Stock Trader Class aims to empower traders by providing an easy-to-use and fully featured service that allows its users to easily trade multiple stocks and options while removing human frailties from their trading process. Traders will be able to access the features of this platform on a subscription basis after creating an account and linking the online broker accounts. Stock Trader Class will support multi broker integrations so anyone even with a small account would be able to participate.

Some of the features of the trading platform include:

  • The automated strategy trading bots will allow traders to make more intelligent trades based on the algorithmically programmed trading strategy of the startup and external signals.
  • A signaling bot that generates trading signals which the traders can use to make trades for themselves.
  • A strategy academy where users can purchase videos to learn about and source good trading strategies.
  • A strategy marketplace where pro-traders teach day their trading strategies and explain the details of their strategy trading bots. Working diligently with programmers and engineers to develop strategies bots for general investors to use.
  • Strategy & signaling bots are member subscription based on open market trading hours, and can be booked in three ways: an hourly usage, morning hours from 9:30am to 12:30pm, or evening hours 12:30pm to 4pm eastern time.
  • Top financial and technical analysts review and adjust their bots based on performance and metrics, to optimize signals and executions from  indicators to get the best results.

The biggest advantage of this system is that it takes away the distractions of emotions and planning out strategies from the users and provides a platform where the user can focus on identifying what assets they would like to trade and the quantity… so we can focus on maximizing their earning potential with limited risk to minimize losses. 

To ensure that traders minimize trade losses, the startup’s platform enables users to view their order trade history, monitor signals, and trade only symbols that they’re interested in. They’ll also ensure that a signal that doesn’t have enough volume isn’t used by the trader and payments for using a bot are made in real-time to ensure traders get the full value of their money. Simple pay as you go for the time that you use pricing…

That said, a trading bots is a software solution that executes trades based on its programming of a particular strategy that members get to learn prior to using these bots. Isaac Cohen, the founder of StockTraderClass has created a trading bot that will soon be on subscription offer. Live bot trading will be unveiled shortly and bots will be made available as soon as they are created.  

Having a strategy and realistic parameters that have been previously optimized by experienced trades are most important aspects for a lucrative bot. With the tested trading strategy in place and a basic strategy training classes, even less experienced traders will be able to maximize their income from the social trading platform.

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